Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
My husband asked what I would like for Christmas this year. Before I could answer, he walked me to my craft room and said "I'm building you a craft bench. No more folding and card tables for you!" and walked away. And that is exactly what he did! Take a look:

These are actually 2 pieces connected together. Each are on wheels and can be re-arranged as my needs grow or change. Mark did mention that they could be work benches for him down the road. (I don't think so, buddy! lol)

I love all this space. I had a bit of trouble using the drawers and cupboards to their fullest. They are really deep, and crafting supplies are in many multiple shallow containers. I am still playing with my storage. I love that my CPU is hidden in the far left cupboard, and he even mounted my monitor on the wall!  More to come!

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