Frames Too...

Here is a quick frame that I altered. Although it is simple, it is very touching. It leaves room for more creativity! These Ikea frames are inexpensive, and a breeze to work with. I picked up the picture holder from Ross inexpensively too. Being on a limited budget, you become resourceful!

Time on my Hands....

With my employment situation as it is, I have been channeling my creative juices into paper crafts! As a wise person told me:
Even though this opprotunity was FORCED upon you, it is an opprotunity just the same. Use this time to make yourself a better person.
So here it goes!

I am using my limited funds to dig deep and broaden my creative scope when it comes to scrapbooking, stamping and everything in between. I recently attended a local crop and fell in love with a another woman's project. I asked her every question I could about how she did it, and ran home with my new aquired morsel of creative direction and reveled in it.