New Year, New ME!

Hey strangers,
I know, I know...it's been a VERY long time. I dusted off my craft room, and got my fingers inky today. I think I found my mojo! I think I can start creating again. I am not sure if I will be consistent, but it is NEW year's eve, and I would like to make a New Year's resolution to try!

I have been so focused on my teaching, that I was simply overwhelmed by the thought of being in my craft room. I decided to force myself out of my shell, and make complicated Christmas cards (and stupidly expensive too) They came out perfectly. I was very pleased. They were inspired by Jennifer McGuire's card: here.

 Here is my take:

THEN I decided to add more names and addresses to my yearly (2016 here I come) birthday spreadsheet. When I really looked at the list, I realized that many of the names are male, and OMG! I have no manly cards at all! So, I have to get busy! When in doubt, duplicate a card you have made previously!

That is exactly what I did! I duplicated two different designs all in one day. Take a look!

I even found a bit of inspiration to create one solo card:

Sorry, the pictures are blah......I couldn't get outside to shoot the images.