Frugal Find: desk addition

Hello Everyone,
I know I am not the only creative person on a budget. I was so excited to find this item, that I have to share it with you. I dropped by a garage sale offered by a storage facility. It was a whole strip mall of one garage sale after another. I found this item for $3.00. The proceeds went to the cancer society. (better yet). It was a child's storage stand. I took out the storage boxes and turned it sideways for my desk.
I have so much for room and it is sturdy too! In addition, I picked up a box of about 200  A2 white envelopes for a dollar. A card makers dream find! (online they sell for $15-$25) I was so excited! I love garage sale finds and re-purposing items!

Note Card Set: Fiskars Flower

     I often get my inspiration from other images or other people's blogs as I am sure I am not alone. I try to give credit to the person of my inspiration when I can --> from Annie Rose.
     Anyway, I got the itch to create a note card set. They are not my usual A2 size. I would love to create more square cards, but all my envelopes are A2 size. I'm hoping to create the envelopes for this set! Please be mindful, I'm still trying to master the art of photography with my limited budget and my older camera. I am getting better though! 

Check back soon, more to come!


Featured Stamp: Northwoods Rubber stamp

Hello Everyone,
My holiday break is sadly coming to an end. :( This is probably my last post until the weekend comes. On Friday I got a chance to together with a friend of mine, Marie. She is a avid stamper too. I borrowed a few of her stamps to produce a few cards.This cute stamp is from Northwoods Rubber stamps.

In the left image (you can't see it well), but the background is an inked piece of white cardstock that I used a the iskssential blending tool on with (wait for it....you won't believe me....tuxedo black dye ink from Memento) I know, I know...what was I thinking! But it looks great.

In the card on the right, I used a new gadget called "Sew Ribbon". I have tons of ribbon and I really struggle finding a new way to incorporate ribbon into my cards. I think this gadget may just help me out!
Feel free to leave a comment. I would really enjoy some thoughts and inspiration.


Frugal Solution: Storage for Loose Stamps

Two layers of stamps fit
What a find! My husband and I wandered over to the new Dollar General that opened down the road from us. I am not a huge Dollar General fan, but if I need to go, I go now and then. I thought, hey, its new, fresh and clean, let's go see it before that changes. (lol) Anyway, I have been SEARCHING and SEARCHING for new containers to store all my loose stamps. I came very close to commissioning a cardboard box company to mass produce the correct size for me. THAT'S how frustrated I was getting. Luckily, I did not go that route, because low and behold, on the Dollar Store shelf was the most perfect container ever!

There were only six on the shelf, so I bought all six. I am sure glad I did. When I came home, and searched on the computer for the same size they were more expensive. Each box holds two layers of stamps.  They are stackable too! Three fit perfectly in the shelving units I have for all my supplies.
They fit perfectly on my shelves
with room to grow!

I am so excited to have my loose stamps in organized containers now. I want to spread the word, because I know there are many stampers out there that are struggling to find a solution for their loose stamps.I have included the sticker on the containers to help you find some in your area.  

Here is the label if you want to find it
#1963 Clear - Sterilite