Rainbows Make Me Smile!

The colors pop when you put them in order....they just do! I saw this photo:
I popped over to Nicole's adorable blog. I found she had made a video of EXACTLY how to create this fabulous look! Lucky for me, I had JUST purchased a set of peerless watercolor paints.

After watching her video, I gave it a try:

Thank you Nicole for the inspiration! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Distressing Technique with Watercoloring

Hello again,
I am a post-o-holic this month! I have so much to share. I think I have more time to post then ever before. I have yet another creation to tell you about! This will be my 95th post on my blog. I think I will need to have some give-a-ways for my 100th post!
Distress, and watercolors
I love the look of watercolor with distress. I think they were made for each other. I am running low on twine, it adds a great touch to the bottom of the card.


Masking Alternatives: Jennifer McGuire

I am a step or two behind, but I just discovered Jennifer McGuire! She is amazing and her videos are SO rich with information and techniques. I was so inspired by this video. I have to try these three different ways to mask. Thanks Jennifer!


Distress Ink: Happy Birthday Card

 For this birthday card, I actually started with a light purple piece of cardstock. I wanted to see if distress ink would cover the base color of the cardstock. It did! (You can sort of see the orginal color between the blue and orange in the loop of the word BIRTHDAY and around the rhinestones) I pulled out my copic markers and colored some clear rhinestones to match! The over sized "score marks" are from a cool punch I purchased at Joann's with a 40% of coupon.
Paper: Marco's purple cardstock.- Inks: Black - Sentiment -Birthday Wish by Stampendous -Punch: Fiskar Border Punch - in Stitches


Pre-Cut Card Layers & Original Storage Boxes

Hello Everyone!
I was in the mood tonight, not to make cards, but to make card-making faster, and more efficient. I searched on google for one question:  "if pre-cutting white and black cardstock was smart, and if it was a good idea, to what size?" I don't have TONS of high quality cardstock to cut and store, but I have a little bit I can use to see if it will make my creative process a bit faster.

I went online onto Splitcoaststampers.com and in a forum. I found a discussion thread about whether most stampers indeed pre-cut their layers. in general, more stampers said "no" than "yes".  phooey. That did not discourage me. I am used to not finding what I am looking for right away. I make my own path sometimes.  :)

After that, I decided I was going to pre-cut a dark mat size that was quarter inch smaller than the card base size on each side, and then the next layer would be a quarter inch smaller than the mat. This layer would be my Neenah Solar white cardstock.

The next question became: "How do I store small amounts of pre-cut cardstock of different sizes, without having the paper warp or bend?" and "I have to have them labeled so not to get them mixed up" Again, google offered no information on this topic that I was impressed with.

So.....I created my own to share. (I am very good at making my own...lol) Take a look below:
pre-cut card layer storage boxes
 I created two to begin with with the sizes posted on the front. I was afraid with the small box full, the container might topple over, so I glued it to a base. The finished box is 5.5" by 1.25" by 2.5".
side view of the box with the base to keep it from toppling over
 This is a side view of the box with the base to keep it from toppling over.  :) I wanted to create one more to hold the preprinted sentiments that I run through my laser printer for the inside of my birthday cards. I decided I would so you step-by-step how I created it.
10.5 by 6.25 inches
 The finished box is small. I cut a piece of thicker cardboard (like cereal box thickness) and I cut it to 10.5 inches by 6.25 inches.
 I scored this cardboard at 2.5 inches on all four sides using my Martha Steward scoring board.
 I cut up on the short sides and folded all the score lines
 I used my ATG tape gun on all four corners. This will ensure that it does not fall apart.
box glued together
 Bring up the four corners and glue the box together
 Don't forget the piece of cardboard to keep it from toppling over!
 Don't forget the piece of cardboard to keep it from toppling over!
printed labels for the front of my storage boxes
 I took some pretty pink flower patterned paper and printed labels for the front of the storage box.
The label fits perfectly on the front of my storage container
 The label fits perfectly on the front of the storage container.
 Here is a picture of all three containers. The first box on the left is the traditional 1/4 inch smaller layers. Numbered 1,2, and 3.The second box skips a layer (hence the gap) the next layer is 1/2 inch smaller layer. Numbered 1,3, and 4.
 The third box holds regular 20# copy paper pieces that have birthday sentiments in it (in the back) the front ones are the small message size that are blank.
Here are all three pictured together. I am so impressed with my little creations. Now-  I need to decide if I want to pre-cut other color cardstock in addition to black and white. (decisions, decisions). I already have a container FULL of card bases in ALL sorts of colors. I only make A2 sized cards. I rarely make other sizes. I will let you know if I am pleased with my pre-cut layers and if it made me a bit more efficient! :)

Sometimes a sentiment is not needed!

Hey all!
As my October cruise is approaching, I am trying to balance my card making with my Cruise preparations. I have a handful of new creations to post that I am so excited about. I have tried some new techniques and purchased new tools and ink colors.
 I pulled out some older cards I made last summer, I found one that looks similar to this one. It inspired me to create a whole 81/2 by 11 sheet and cut it up to create several cards from it. I attempted to make them a bit more masculine, but the butterflies negate that, don't they? Ohh well. I couldn't find a spot for a sentiment, so I decided not to include one!
Paper: Stampin' up and Neenah Solar White Card Stock Inks: Distress inks Stamps: Butterfly - Inkadinkado, Background stamp: Happiness by Local king Rubber stamp, Embossing Powder - White 
This one was a lot of fun. I pulled out my very first watercolor stamp that I purchased EVER! The company is long gone, but this stamp never fails me. I found a set of 48 Zig markers at a stamp/craft garage sale, purchased them for $20. I ran home to test them out. (crossing my fingers that they were not all dried out) and This is what I created! The markers are pretty much brand new. The previous owner was just not a marker fan......(I asked her why she was selling them)
Paper: Stampin' up and water color paper Inks: Zig markers, Stamp: Watercolor butterfly by savvystamps.com


Sunday Afternoon Designing

Hello Everyone,
Sunday Morning, I got the chance to drive to St. Petersburg, to a art/craft store called Whim-So-Doodle. The store has a Sidewalk sale several times a year, where other crafters can sell their items that they no longer want. I love going to these events to get some really great deals. I am very particular about the items I pick up, but usually I get some really good deals. This trip, I purchases a large 12 by 12 bag stock full of all Christmas paper for $5. When I got it home and went through it all, I was SO amazed. Not only did I get top brand name paper, but stickers, rub-ons, pop-outs, and many embellishments too. I am getting the item to start stamping Christmas cards a bit early this year.

Before I do, here is my latest creation:

I have had this sentiment for several years, and have never used it. It fit perfectly on this card and I love the look it added. I really love the distressed look. Enjoy!
Paper: Stampin' up and Neenah Solar White Card Stock Inks: Distress inks Stamps: Butterfly - Inkadinkado, Background stamp: Happiness by Local king Rubber stamp, Sentiment: F-2563 1998 PSX -Embossing Powder - White Purple twine