Glitter Die Cuts - Jennifer McGuire Video

I have got to try this! I am going to do it with my cricut, since I have no die cuts like this.


10 Ways to Watercolor - Love this!

I really enjoyed watching this today, and wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!


Sick of the clutter!

Hey Everyone!
As I mentioned in my last post, I am on spring break. All my co-teachers are enjoying the beach, traveling, visiting family. What am I doing? I am SPRING CLEANING! 

I am so tired of trying to find what I am looking for, or re-buying food that I already have simply because it was buried in the back of the cupboards or the pantry.  

With the end vision in mind, I emptied out the entire pantry, and washed it all down. Then I lined the wire racks with thick sheets of white ruling mechanical board that a friend gave me a stack of. Last, I wrote down the measurements of the pantry (and while I'm at it) both fridge and freezer.

Then off shopping I went! (love this part). I went to two different dollar stores, Walmart, Lowe's and last Hobby Lobby. I found the perfect containers at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Take a look:


Thank goodness the containers at Hobby Lobby were 40% off, or I would have walked on by. I love that store, but the prices are so high. Reorganizing the pantry, the fridge and freezer cost a total of $140.00.

Well, yes that is a lot of money for re-organization, but I will have them forever, and the peace of mind that I am not a total slob at my age, and that I have begun to simplify my surroundings for the long haul!

Leave a comment, I would love to inspire you to do some spring cleaning too!


Spring Break 2015!

I made it to spring break! It has been a tough couple of weeks in middle school math world. We have had FSA writes testing, formal and informal observations, high school field trips, spring pictures and a lot of crazy weather!

With the crazy weather comes cold and flu season! Yup, I caught it. I usually never get what the kids bring in, but I didn't escape it this time. I have one NASTY throat cold. (NOT the flu) Just in time for Spring Break. Thank goodness, I didn't make any expensive travel plans...this cold would have ruined them. My poor husband has been sleeping on the couch to avoid my bug.

I am sipping hot apple cider tea while I type this to keep my coughing at bay. Anyway, you want to see my creation!? Good thing I can still create even when I am sick!  :)

I have been following Darlene's new membership site. (Live Love Cards) She is incredibly talented. On her new site, her latest addition is a stencil challenge. Shortly after that, she posted a bokeh technique card that I love! So I combined the two! Here is my take. I can't believe I smeared my last stamp on it. Oh well....

I created a circle stencil using three different circle punches. This is how I created the Bokeh look. Funny, I seem to steer clear of circles in my creations, but I love this look!

I am also trying to improve my picture taking. I am fortunate to live in sunny Florida, so I only take my pictures outside now, (you can see my lanai pavers in most of my recent pictures) I think it adds great texture to the photo, but I tried s white foam board this time. What do you think? Is it too plain? I have so much more to learn.

Thanks for dropping in. Please leave a comment, it would make my day!


They arrived!

Ok, I know. 
Now, that I created my ink swatch book, I am obsessed with inks. The book showed me what colors I need more of. So, I scanned craigslist, and E-bay for great lots of a variety of inks. No luck. I hopped on Joann's and they had a FLAT $2.99 Shipping sale AND all inks were 50% off

     HOLY CRAP! 

    I wanted Hero Arts Shadow inks, and the mini inks were so cute!! The memento dew drops were only $0.99! 
I even threw in an Adirondack Earthtones pad....couldn't resist the beautiful color.

While I am on the topic of Joann's, I am saddened to say that the stores (at least around me) are shrinking the scrapbooking/card making section of the store. They no longer carry cricut merchandise, or their cartridges. (or any electronic die cutters).What used to be 5-6 isles of items, is now down to 4. I no longer walk out of Joann's with the items I need anymore. More and more I have to order online and pay shipping. Many times, I get a good deal, but I am very impatient waiting for things to arrive. I want them NOW? (I bet I am not alone...am I?) 

Is anyone else finding this to be true? Part of me doesn't mind, because many of the top companies in the industry don't need Joann's to sell their goods. I seem to gravitate towards Simon Says stamp and other up and coming private stamp companies. They seem to have their thumb on the heartbeat of the stampers. I agree.