School Year Starts Tomorrow!

As a middle school math teacher, I get super excited for the start of the school year! I have been going to trainings, decorating my classroom, helping first year teachers, researching, and creating lesson plans already. In my school district, the students start this week on TUESDAY. That gives me one more day to be prepared.

I had so much fun getting my blog up and running this summer. I feel like I have neglected it for a few weeks. (well, I have) I wanted to say that I am not giving up, or quitting by any means, just posting a bit more infrequently. I have so much on my plate right now, and the beginning of the year is crucial to a smooth year.

So, as much as I feel guilty, I wanted to post something this week. On a happy note, I have joined the sunshine committee at school. So I HAVE to provide birthday cards, and get well cards for them. That will keep me posting as least weekly too!

So cross your fingers for me that my first week goes smoothly, and I will be back soon!


Summer Coming to an End

Hey there!
     I hate to admit it, but my summer is coming to an end. I had teacher training all last week, (on the other side of the county) and I have more training starting tomorrow. I have little time to create let alone post. But I will not give up! I am determined to post once a week. I love all the creativity I have had this summer, and all the awesome work and progress I have put into my blog. I am at 9,000 hits in about 3 months. I think that is amazing. I have one follower (yeah!) but it is a start! Everyone has humble beginnings....right?

     I had time to create two cards. I am having a very difficult time with picture taking. I cannot tell if it is my camera, the light box, the angles, I have no idea. So, I wish very much to redo the photos, but I simply can't right now, or they will not get posted.
     I was clothes shopping at Bealls Outlet earlier in the week, because I had a coupon. I walked out of Bealls empty handed and KNEW that Michael's was RIGHT next door. I said "I walked out of Bealls without buying anything, I can go BROWSE in Michael's and not buy anything"......WRONG! I fell in love with this daisy stamp set from Stampendous called "Daisy Thanks".  I even had a coupon from Joann's. They took it! I got a $9.99 stamp set for $5.89. I was so impressed with myself. To color in the flowers, I wanted to use copics, but had no yellows in my collection....yet. (see....I said yet) so I used my inktense colored pencils and blended the colors. I love it!

     I am following Heather on her blog because I love her clean and simple techniques and she adores Penny Black stamps....as do I now. She posted this card:  bits & pieces. I loved it, so I tried to emulate hers.  Here is mine. I am not so sure it works, but it is growing on me.  :)  I really kind avoid circles in my designs. I have such a tough time with them.  I thought about punching the dandelion heads out with a circle punch, but incorporated squares in it instead.  I know you can't see the shiny-ness of them, but I heat embossed all three several times with extra think embossing powder. (like heathers) Then took a marker and made the border.

Wish me luck at my training next week!