Lucky find at Marshalls!

I am enjoying my summer. I love the three days weekends. (yes, I am teaching summer school again...uuggh) BUT! I am determined to get some crafting done! I decided that I was getting a bit disorganized, and I needed to cut white card panels and have them on hand ready to go. I needed a container of course? What do I store them in?

Jennifer McGuire recommended more clear storage bins. Why not run to Marshalls, and take a look around!  I may just find the perfect thing?! Well, I did! Take a look!
I found what I think was a storage container for the cupboard for gravy packets. It fits perfectly for card bases....three different sizes too! I used red cardstock to separate my watercolor paper from my Neenah Solar white cardstock. Then I cut thick craft dividers a bit taller so I can label each size. 

In my head, the back section is the card base size. The middle section is the dark mat size. and the front section is the light panel size. A majority of the cards I create are A2 size. I do other sizes once in a while, square mostly, but I try to stick with A2.

I am switching my storage from this way. Man, that was 2014?! Time flies in the craft room!

I may have to run back and purchase another one for my birthday and sentiment panels for the inside of the card. hmmmm. It was only $5.99!

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Jennifer McGuire CASEd!

Hello and welcome back,
I am totally enjoying my summer vacation. I have been crafting, I just haven't been FINISHING projects very well. That being said, I started searching videos for inspiration. Because I love Jennifer McGuire, I dove into her older videos. (2015). I found one that was very straightforward, and totally outside of my usual designing. I didn't need a specific type of stamp set, like many of her videos feature. Here is a picture of the cards from her blog. Click HERE for the post.

The simplicity of the design and the easy supplies helped me get back on track. I was able to focus, design, start, and finish these cards in a couple of hours. It felt good to see cards all the way through! Here is my versions. Take a look:

I didn't get as clean of images as she got, but I like my cards just the same. to be honest, the artsy flowers are the ones that came out the best!  LOL I love the purple too. (of course I do) More to come! Thanks for stopping by.


Summer is Here!

I am so excited! My 2017-2018 school year is over! I closed up my classroom, and summer has begun! Let's not mention that summer school begins in a 12 days, but I have time to get inky!
As I mentioned recently that I purchased a REALLY nice camera, and I have been playing with the setting on it. I have to go back and redo some recent cards that I completed, but had snapped with my cruddy camera. Take a look:

I love the wildflowers from Tim Holtz, and I am just starting to play with the distress Oxide inks. I was going for a more MASCULINE look for birthday wishes. I don't like giving the men in my life pretty frilly girly cards. I do struggle with more man-ly colors! I never have been able to embrace the browns in my stash, but I like it with orange! (left card) I need to do some more exploring!

I noticed not many cardmakers use fibers, or twine on their cards. I LOVE them! So much easier than reaching for sequins and dots sometimes. Just my two cents. NO challenges today. I need to get inky!
See you again soon!



Inspiration from Nicole Spohr

Hello, and welcome back!
I stumbled across a set of cards that took my breath away a few weeks back. I absolutely had to try the same technique and make some similar cards. The problem was I didn't own all the needed items for it.

So little by little I have been either creating the needed items, or buying them on my budget. Here are the cards that had me so inspired.  Click here for the blog post by Nicole Spohr. Here is a image from her blog.

Aren't they beautiful? Here is my take on them.

I am very pleased with my versions. I needed birthday cards, not thank you cards, To be honest, I do not own many floral stamp sets. I had to make due with one random Stampin' up! flower, and leaves from a layering Altenew set I have yet to figure out. (too many layers, and not enough similar inks).

 I entered the blue one into a few challenges:

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Wreath Builder Cards

Welcome Back,
I am sharing another set of cards with you today. I was inspired by a new template that was introduced to the card making community that allows you to create wreaths using your MISTI. I really loved the idea, and decided to not only use it with flowers, but words as well.

Here are three of the cards I made using the template. The template is pretty simple. It is called the"Gina K Designs Wreath Builder Magic Stamp Set". Just click on the link to learn more information. 

I did not purchase the set, I created the wreath builder template using my cricut machine. I even made one a bit bigger and one a bit smaller just for some fun. I tried to share my project on Cricut design space, but it only share it on facebook or pinterest. Click here for the pinterest link. If you are unable to access it, write me a comment below, and I can send it to you!

Using the same eight colors, I created three cards using different stamps. I had so much fun doing these. I love the look of square cards, and they make great gift sets. I can create square envelopes to go with them too.

Below is another way to use the wreath builder template using words. Again, I used the same eight colors and the look is very cute!