New Start Gift for My Sister

Welcome Back,
I am going to visit my oldest sister tomorrow and I wanted to give her a cute gift! I have fallen in love with Paper-Mate Flair Marker Pens, and wanted to share a few of them with her. Wait, she needs a pencil cup! (pen cup, to be correct) What a great paper craft to make! Take a look:

 I ran right to my water color paper, Tim Holtz Distress inks, his diamond stencil and of course my all-time favorite, wildflower stamps! I believe both these sentiments are from him as well.  :)
I used Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberries, Wilted Violet, and Wild Honey. Then I used water over my stencil to remove some of the color. I tried to give each panel an ombre effect, but I am not sure if I achieved it.

After all my panels were finished, I taped a square panel on the bottom inside, and then glued another panel on the bottom outside. I wanted to be sure that bottom was secured. I love how the flowers wrap around from one panel to the next.

My sister will love this! If not, I am tempted to keep it, it makes me VERY happy! I hope it makes Sue happy. She needs a good smile these days. Thanks for dropping in, and PLEASE leave a comment, they make me VERY VERY happy!  :) See you soon!


More birthdays cards!

Hello again,
I have really enjoyed my Holiday break. I completed 58 cards in total. Crazy right?  Although I have to give them out during the year, I am hoping to post a bunch on my blog for inspiration. Take a look:

Distress Inks and Wildflowers
Rubbernecker background stamp

Distress paint and stencils with wildflowers
I know, I know my photographs are not the best. I struggle so much with shadows. But the cards are so beautiful in the natural sunlight. It is 70 degrees in Florida today. How can you NOT take photos outside?

More to come! Thanks for dropping by. I hope to join in some card challenges when they get up and running this year!  :)



Christmas Break 2018

Good Morning!
Welcome back. I wanted to share some of my birthday creations. I am gearing up to create enough cards to send to friends and family all year long, as well as continue (yep, I survived year one) my birthday card project at my school for all teachers and staff! (77 in total) Here are the a few of the best ones.
distress ink and wildflowers - green

distress ink and wildflowers - pink

distress ink and wildflowers - blue

distress ink and wildflowers - mixed

distress ink and wildflowers - blended
I seriously need some photography lessons. I have a great camera, I just can't get the shadows and the light quite right! Thanks for dropping by.


A touch of christmas....

Welcome back,
Each year I have high hopes for creating AWESOME Christmas cards, and each year (including this one) I never get them all done. I create a few, but end up with not enough to send to family and friends. Take a look:
Each of these cards started with the same white heat embossed image used in my MISTI. The backgrounds are different based on the distress inks I used. I gave these to my children for Christmas Cards this year. This card (of Course) I used wilted violet.

This one is my favorite. I love this blended combo of colors. Picked Raspberries, Salty Ocean and Peacock feathers. Thanks for stopping by. I love comments!


Gearing up for the Holidays!

Hello again,
This time of year is always busy. And this time of year, I always say I am going to keep blogging. And each year, I fail to keep blogging. However....I have not stopped being creative, and being busy in my craft room.

In June, my first grandchild was born! Her name is Ruby Mae. I am mentioning this because I decided to re-kindle my scrapbooking in addition to my cardmaking/blogging. (silly me, I thought I could juggle both! LOL)

I have kind of put cardmaking on the back burner, and focused on my scrapbooking since June. (Ruby is growing like a weed) I have to keep up! I have decided to do 8 by 8 inch scrapbooks. They keep the feeling of being overwhelmed down to a minimum. It is easier to do 3 small layouts than tackle 1 huge one....at least in my mind it is. I can put together smaller pages faster too! I am already on a third book, and she is only 6 months old!

The spirit of Christmas is here, and I only get so much time off of teaching, so I did manage to create a CD of Christmas music and a square easel card to house the CD. Take a look:


I created handmade envelopes as well to go with them. They look awesome in the sunlight! I am torn as to WHEN to give them out. If I wait until Christmas, then there is no time to listen to the CD!?!  If I give them too early, then it is not truly a Christmas card! (such troubles, right?)

I used silver glitter foam for the pine trees, and distress inks for the night sky. The moons are really masks I make to create the moon, but I liked the look so much, I didn't remove the masks on all of them. (I did on the upper left card)

I discovered something about mass producing the same complicated card. I have a maximum number! My number is 6! After about 6 cards, I begin to lose interest and the enthusiasm begins to melt into frustration. So I think I will create another card, and stick to the six rule!

Thanks for dropping in, I will be here! Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!