They arrived!

Ok, I know. 
Now, that I created my ink swatch book, I am obsessed with inks. The book showed me what colors I need more of. So, I scanned craigslist, and E-bay for great lots of a variety of inks. No luck. I hopped on Joann's and they had a FLAT $2.99 Shipping sale AND all inks were 50% off

     HOLY CRAP! 

    I wanted Hero Arts Shadow inks, and the mini inks were so cute!! The memento dew drops were only $0.99! 
I even threw in an Adirondack Earthtones pad....couldn't resist the beautiful color.

While I am on the topic of Joann's, I am saddened to say that the stores (at least around me) are shrinking the scrapbooking/card making section of the store. They no longer carry cricut merchandise, or their cartridges. (or any electronic die cutters).What used to be 5-6 isles of items, is now down to 4. I no longer walk out of Joann's with the items I need anymore. More and more I have to order online and pay shipping. Many times, I get a good deal, but I am very impatient waiting for things to arrive. I want them NOW? (I bet I am not alone...am I?) 

Is anyone else finding this to be true? Part of me doesn't mind, because many of the top companies in the industry don't need Joann's to sell their goods. I seem to gravitate towards Simon Says stamp and other up and coming private stamp companies. They seem to have their thumb on the heartbeat of the stampers. I agree.

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