Organization: Ink Swatch Book

   Welcome back. I am so excited about my new creation! I cannot take full credit for its concept or design, but I did make it my own. The initial concept came from Jennifer McGuire's blog. (I love her). Click HERE for her video and post. (actually there are several) 

I loved the entire idea, but feared that I simply did not own enough inks to justify the project. Boy, was I wrong! I included every single mini pad and compilation pad I had from every corner of my craft room. I did not know I owned over 120 different inks. (including distress inks) WOW! I had to toss a few because they disintegrated when I attempted to stamp with them because of age. (over 8 years). Geez, I guess I need to buy more?!

Here's a look at my version:

Rubber stamping Ink Swatch book

I own a large collection of Stampin' Up! inks that I purchased when I began my obsession with stamping and card making. I wanted to keep track of all my inks, but I recorded something else on the back of my swatches too. 

If you look in the image, the first card is a key to the letters I used to indicated if I owned matching ink refills, cardstock, pen, and ribbon.  On the back of each stampin' up! swatch card, I wrote the letter of what I owned in that particular color. This way, I can pull the card out of the sleeve, flip it over I know exactly what else I own to match this color. Pretty ingenuous, huh?!

I included my distress inks, which I did a bit different then Jennifer. My last sheet all the way to the right is my page of distress inks. I stamped each color, then blended the same color with the blending tool. (she keeps hers separate than her other swatches, I believe) The coin sleeves and swatch downloads came from her website. I ordered the rings to bind them together too. (found them cheaper on Ebay 10 for $4.00) 

Pages of swatch book

Now, can you guess what I am obsessed with now? I want more inks! I want to fill in the colors that I am missing. (oranges and purples as of late). I am eye balling some specialty inks from Hero arts and Color Theory. If you own these inks, and like them, can you let me know? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I love this idea- so organized. I have quite a few inks myself- all SU and Distress inks + Stazon, Shades inks for my DT, , Chalk inks, etc..... I do have charts for most of them so I can match up what matches what- I love this idea though in the sleeves- very easy on the eyes ad quick to find.

  2. And I thought I had a lot of ink! I only have SU at this point, but I am probably going to venture into other brands soon, to fill in some gaps in my rainbow. I like this method of keeping track


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