Spring Break 2015!

I made it to spring break! It has been a tough couple of weeks in middle school math world. We have had FSA writes testing, formal and informal observations, high school field trips, spring pictures and a lot of crazy weather!

With the crazy weather comes cold and flu season! Yup, I caught it. I usually never get what the kids bring in, but I didn't escape it this time. I have one NASTY throat cold. (NOT the flu) Just in time for Spring Break. Thank goodness, I didn't make any expensive travel plans...this cold would have ruined them. My poor husband has been sleeping on the couch to avoid my bug.

I am sipping hot apple cider tea while I type this to keep my coughing at bay. Anyway, you want to see my creation!? Good thing I can still create even when I am sick!  :)

I have been following Darlene's new membership site. (Live Love Cards) She is incredibly talented. On her new site, her latest addition is a stencil challenge. Shortly after that, she posted a bokeh technique card that I love! So I combined the two! Here is my take. I can't believe I smeared my last stamp on it. Oh well....

I created a circle stencil using three different circle punches. This is how I created the Bokeh look. Funny, I seem to steer clear of circles in my creations, but I love this look!

I am also trying to improve my picture taking. I am fortunate to live in sunny Florida, so I only take my pictures outside now, (you can see my lanai pavers in most of my recent pictures) I think it adds great texture to the photo, but I tried s white foam board this time. What do you think? Is it too plain? I have so much more to learn.

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  1. Love your Card. This is my opinion only but I like the plain background, white on white. I think the card is the centrepiece and I would rather focus on the card. I take my photos this way. Started looking at different colours and props but then it becomes a big ordeal and really we want to see your card not your decorating talent. Everyone has different ways of doing things but I must say that looking at some of the work that goes into the 'props' turns me off slightly, if I have to do all that work for people to appreciate my cards I dont think I ould even bother to take the photos. Too much life to live.

  2. Great use of Darlene's most recent tutorial! I love the deep blue colors. I also tried this technique today and didn't have as much success. my circles were drying weirdly and some dried with a yellow tint and others were stark white. did you also splash a little water on the right side? Love it!

  3. I love this fabulous technique, too, Cindy! What a beautiful job you have done with it here!

  4. Wonderful card- cool technique and you nailed it!

  5. Hi Cindy! I really like the technique you have used on this card! It really turned out beautifully. Love it!


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