Paper Crafting: Frugal Coupon Organizer

Good Morning!
     I am up bright and early this morning to share with you a project I just completed. I was in need of a coupon organizer that held all my LONG coupons, and was easy to hang on to. (I misplaced my last one) So, I scoured the internet for ideas. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. So......and came up with my own. (like I so often do)
     This is what you will need if you want to duplicate my idea. Feel free. Isn't that what blogging is all about?
You will need:

  • 5 -7 heavy duty sheet protectors
  • 5-7 pieces of 8.5 by 11 cardstock (any color will do)
  • A sewing machine (I chose a fancy leaf stitch) and any color thread you wish.
  • A ruler or straight-edge
  • A razor blade, or a exacto-knife or something similar
  • A three hole punch
  • A three hold punch folder/binder of your choice
  • A label maker

      I cut open the page protector on the left-hand side and slid in the cardstock. Then I measured my sheet into thirds. I stitched all the way down the left side, and across the sheet, from edge to edge including the top. This picture shows the fancy leaf stitch as well as the straight stitch across the top. I had trouble hole punching it, so I ended up discarding this sheet and creating another one. You can use any stitch you want and make one, two or three pockets if you wish.
     After all the sewing is finished, I took my ruler and exacto-knife and slit a line just BELOW each stitch to form an opening. Stopping at the left stitch and just short of the right edge. (The stitches form the bottom of the pocket above) Then, if you wish you can flip the page over on the back, and you have three more pockets on the back. (if your stitches aren't too ugly to look at) CAREFULLY hole-punch the page and place it into a folder or binder.

     I created 4 pages, which gave me 24 pockets. Here are the categories I used. (This I thought was the more difficult part to decide on). These categories may not fit your needs perfectly, but I do know that EVERY coupon will fit in a category in this list. So re-arrange and make it your own.  You can make as many pockets as you need:
  1. Baking/Spices/Condiments
  2. Bath/Skin/Baby
  3. Beauty/Cosmetic/Hair
  4. Beverages/Alcohol
  5. Boxed/Canned
  6. Breakfast/Bars
  7. Cakes/Candy/Popcorn
  8. Cookies/Crackers/Snacks
  9. Dairy/Produce/Salad/Bakery
  10. Frozen – Meals/Others
  11. Frozen – Sides/Desserts
  12. Household Cleaners/Air Fresheners
  13. Laundry/Cleaning/Dishes
  14. Meat/Seafood/Lunch Meats
  15. Medical/Medicine/Feminine
  16. Miscellaneous
  17. Non-food Items
  18. Paper/Plastic
  19. Pasta/Sauces
  20. Peanut Butter/Jams & Jelly
  21. Pet Supplies
  22. Others
  23. Restaurant Coupons
     Now mind you, I am currently couponing for a family of three. I only keep the coupons I will use. This project does not provide you with HUGE pockets that hold large stacks of coupons. I would estimate each pocket will hold 10-20 coupons each. If you need more room you could break down the categories further. Hope this was helpful. If you can, leave me a message, I would LOVE to know if you used it!

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