Featured: Craft Room Highlights from Cindy II

Welcome to Part 2,
 As I mentioned in part one, (you can click here to take a look) I am showing highlights of my craft space. Much of my craft space is not that exciting, but I believe I have a few highlights that may get you thinking.

I had a terrible time trying to store all my punches. I am a very frugal crafter, but I bought out another crafter and gained all of her punches at a great price. But how to store them?

I found my solution at Ross. Take a look.
These are actually hanging shoe storage, (left) and jewelery (right). I placed the stampin' up punches in the left one (front and back) Man, is it heavy! and the smaller other company punches in the right one. The back is empty.  Room for more punches to come, right? :)

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