Featured: Craft Room Highlights from Cindy I

     I was thinking of creating a full post displaying my entire craft room. (Everyone does it right?) But my craft room is really not spectacular, with the exception of a few highlights. So I thought I could just include a picture or two of the highlights of my craft room that I think are very handy and may be useful to you!

Here is my first one:
With the use of nails (four total) I can hang up my most used tools. Now they are off my desk and easily accessible.
      My ink pads I wanted on the wall also. With the help of my husband, he mounted an old cassette storage system and I slid all my ink pads into the slots. If you notice carefully, the bottom row had the horizontal grid piece is missing. I did that purposely so I could fit odd sized pads also.

I sanded down and painted a wooden cassette holder to create an ink pad storage unit.
The only pads that don't fit are distress inks and minis which I store on top of the unit.
     I have one or two more highlights coming. I wish I could afford to have one of the more beautiful craft room, but alas I don't. To be honest, I appreciate all the space I have, and would rather invest my money in stamps and tools rather than expensive cupboards and elaborate storage systems. I guess I am more frugal than others. Enjoy, leave a comment if you felt this was helpful to you! It would make my day!


  1. I love the idea of simply hanging instead of bothering with building shelves. I'm going to rummage through my kids storage space (aka our attic) and see what I can repurpose. I'm sure there's a cassette something or other I can use. Thanks so much for taking the time to post. You have inspired me!

  2. Anonymous6/09/2013

    I've been unsuccessful in finding an old cassette unit anywhere, so I may have to buy a new one, but I really like them for ink storage. It never occurred to me to hang my scoring board or my envelope punch board, so thanks for that tip! I'd love to hang my paper trimmer, too, but it's a behemoth guillotine, so no go there... Thanks for sharing - I LOVE organizational/storage ideas!

  3. I have been scouring goodwill and garage sales for over a year hoping to come across one of these cassette holders for this exact purpose! This looks fabulous, and so well organized! (I'm so jealous!)

    I'm the same way about my teeny tiny crafty budget... I have a stamp wish list a mile long, and when I can spend a little extra, that is what I buy! :)

    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your highlights! I love the idea of hanging your tools. I have been looking for one of those cassette holders for a while too ... and this weekend I found one! It was actually on the side of the road - free!- after our local church's garage sale. :)

  5. Anonymous7/03/2013

    Just found this site. Love it already. Awesome idea to hang things. I, too, or is it four, have been looking for a cassette holder. I never would have thought of hanging it, though. Good idea.

  6. Nice stamp storage unit! I also like your wall!

  7. Brilliant! Why haven't I thought of hanging most used tools up. Thanks for sharing.


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