Featured: Organizing blending pads - follow-up!

Hello Everyone,
     I have several comments asking for dimensions and how-to's on my blending pad books. Click here for the first post. I have put together a few pictures to help you create your own!

Steps: I was given a few large pieces of black poster board from a teacher. I am not sure the thickness, but it was very rigid, not like science project poster board. Mine was thick enough that you cannot curl or bend it. I am sure you can find it in a craft store, any color will do, you will cover it with your favorite patterned paper anyway.

I cut the sheet down to 20 inches long, and 10 inches wide. The spine is  2 inches wide. I marked the spine with pencil from the left side at 9 inches and again at 11 inches.

With a ruler and a exact-o knife, I cut on each of the lines, but I DID NOT CUT all the way through. This creates a hinge. (I fortified the cuts with clear packing tape because I knew the cardboard will be weak since I cut almost all the way through.) Your pencil marks are now on the outside.

For my stampin' up book, because there are so many colors, I needed to add a page in the center on the spine. I took another piece of poster board and cut it 8 3/4 by 10 inches. I scored it 3/4 inches in on the left to make a hinge again and taped it onto the spine as seen below. I used clear packing tape on both sides. This page is NEVER coming loose!!  (lol)

I decorated the outside first with some designer paper from SU! and wrapped the paper around the edges into the inside of the book. Once the outside was finished I used some sparkly silver paper on the left inside, right inside and a smaller piece for the spine. 

 I am sure you think the ink will transfer from one pad to another, honestly, the spine is wide enough they don't even touch each other. I have not had an issue. I really love this project. I don't dread searching for the correct pad anymore, and I don't have to worry about smearing the wrong color on my current card. It also shows me which colors I use the most, and which colors I shy away from. I left space on the last page for additional colors and growth! I have used a label maker to add additional colors. I hope this has helped! Enjoy, feel free to ask me any questions, I will be sure to answer you!

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  1. Hi Cindy, Thanks so much! This is very helpful!


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