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Happy Friday everyone! Happy Memorial Day Weekend,
     I am very pleased with myself and this item I envisioned, designed and put together. It took me about three weekends to get enough time to complete it, but it was well worth it! I am excited to share it with you. Maybe you were looking for this idea as well...

     I looked all over blog-land, pinterest, websites, stores and everything in between for ideas to store blending pads. I was not impressed by anything. I knew I didn't want a three ring binder, or a container full of random colored pads. I wanted them easily accessible and labeled with the colors I currently owned, with room for more colors as my collection grew.

    A while back, Jo-ann Fabrics.com had a 5¢ shipping sale, and the blending pads were on sale too. (4.99 down to 2.99) I purchased 7 packs.  Yup...seven packs with ten pads in each...do the math...70 pads.

     I wanted to have enough for the 51 stampin up pads I have, the 12 distress pads, and a few for the other multi-colored pads that I use for blending. Not to mention room to grow...
     I started my project by designing a four by four grid in Microsoft word. Then printed twelve of them on neenah cardstock and ran them through a heavy-duty laminater.

     On top of the lamination, I placed small rectangles of commercial grade Velcro that I found in the sewing department of Joann's. Using my coupon, I got three feet for less than $5. Of course, don't use the loops half, stash that away for another project.

      Then I downloaded and printed out the stampin' up labels, cut them apart and placed them alphabetically in order on four sheets. Be careful, I learned the hard way that tape is preferred over glue with the labels. The glue actually discolored the labels because it couldn't soak into the lamination. I had to peel them all off and print them out a second time and adhere them with clear scotch tape.

     I created a binder (not three ring) using a large sheet of cardboard (like science board) and decorated it with Stampin' up paper. I inserted an additional page in the middle and duck taped it in. (see photos)

     As you can see from the above photo. the bottom corner has my first blending pad on it. Each page hold 16 colors, 4 pages...do the math....64 colors! That is more than the 51 colors I currently own. I know, I know, stampin up just released their new colors. I JUST ordered the new catalog today. I can't wait to see it!
Here is an added photo of it full of pads. I placed a new pad for each color. The velcro works like a charm! 
     I have one more binder to create. I need binder to hold all my distress inks, and all the multicolored pads I own. I will be sure to add those photos too. I also re-organized my metal dies, and my acrylic stamp sets too, with minimal amounts of money invested. I will share those in my blog this weekend too. Check back soon!

****I have added details, and how-to's on this project. If you would like to make your own, click here.***


  1. Anonymous5/25/2013

    very cute .... love it .... made something like this for knowing what my inks were and what color markers i had ... and one for all of my stamps so i can cross reference ... LOVE it !!! will have to try this with a few other things i have in the house .

  2. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Very cute! I made something similar to this, on a much smaller scale, but I used book binding rings so I can hang it from a hook next to my Distress Ink pads!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I saw your post over on SCS forum. I love your binder idea! Would you kindly specify some details on the binding portion of your project? I haven't made any "book" type projects yet, but would love to do this for my blender pads too. I'm anxious to see your other projects you mentioned as well as I'm working on re-organizing my craft room right now. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

    1. Charlene,
      I will happily share my details on the binders with you. I actively used my binder today, and it works just as i hoped. Quick, and easy! I will post dimensions, tip and steps on my blog tomorrow. Please check back! Thanks for the huge smile. Cindy

    2. Hi Cindy
      You really motivated me to try this. I piddled around today with one but my spine is too small. I''ll be waiting to see how you did yours. Thanks so much!

    3. >>>>I will post dimensions, tip and steps on my blog...
      Hi Cindy, Just wondering if you ever posted this info? I may have missed it. Please let me know. Thank you!

    4. SouthernMrs - details have been posted! Enjoy.

  4. This is an awesome idea!! I love organizational tips... thank you so much for sharing yours!! Pinning this so I can make one for myself! :)

  5. What an awesome idea! I love it!

  6. Before I head out to buy a laminator and supplies, I have a question. When the binder is closed, do your pads rub against each other possibly transferring ink onto each other pads? You know how ornery those pads can get.
    Currently, mine are attached in a similar manner, but not to a cool book. When I happily got rid of my Cricut Expressions 2 machine I cleaned off the cutting sheets of glue (plus bought a few bendable chopping mats at the dollar store (2 in a pack for $1) and cut them into 2" by 3" long pieces, used my crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the top of each, attached a piece of the velcro just as you did to one side of the tabs. I have 3 - 3" binder rings that each ring holds 20 tabs with the blending pads on and they hang near by where I can grab them. Since my pads face the next guys "backside" I notice a bit of ink transfer onto the plastic, that is why I asked my question. While my idea did work for me, it is starting not to. I can picture using your method as a long "poster" to hang right above my work table too.

    1. I am sure you think the ink will transfer from one pad to another, honestly, the spine is wide enough they don't even touch each other. I have not had an issue.


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