Distress Ink & Oxide Color RBG Codes & Stickers

I created RBG codes for the first 24 (first 2 releases) of the Oxide colors back in early 2018. Click here for that post:  HERE. I never did get around to completing ALL the distress colors (all 61). As of yesterday, Tim and Ranger have announced that there will be 12 more colors coming. Just announced was Speckled Egg! It's perfect.
Recently, there has also been many crafters who are creating large blending swatches. This in turn, got me thinking about swatches for myself. The current project that I am on involves blending too. SO, I decided to take the project on!

How did I do this: First, I could not find a text list of all the 61 colors? Anywhere? I had to create it! Then, I imported all the color samples from Ranger's catalog into CorelDraw and converted all the colors into an RPG code. This way I can represent all the colors digitally as closely as Ranger did. Then I miniaturized each sample dot into a sticker sheet that I can cut apart and use to create my blending swatches. I wanted to share my hard work. Yes, it took hours, but I think it was relaxing and totally worth it. I am very engrossed in distress inks currently. I bet you are too!

Click on the purple buttons to download for free:


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How to use your cricut to make distress masks!

Welcome back! I am always on the look out for ways that I can use my cricut to help me make cards. I love when I think of ways to incorporate the two together to achieve a tool or task that I could not make on my own or even purchase in a store! I LOVE this hack I made!

I decided I wanted to make a series of 4 by 4-inch panels and turn them into smaller cards for my co-workers at school (when we do go back to school). But I did not have a mask that I could use to mass produce the panels, so I created one, and made my cricut do all the marking!

In my design space I create this square. The outer square was a cut line. The next biggest square was a DRAW line. I purchased a pen adapter from Etsy for SHARPIE ULTRA FINE markers. I placed a black marker in my pen holder for that line. The smallest square is a CUT line. I took a piece of white cardstock, and ran it through my laminator. This gave the sides of the mask a slick surface, and will extend the life of the mask. I did try this without using laminated paper, and I was not able to blend colors as well. (go figure?!) Below is the Item I created. 

The outer square is 5.25 by 5.75.  The DRAW line is 4 inches by 4 inches centered. The smallest opening is 3.25 by 3.25 centered. I love that design space can do that for me.

Cut out a piece of Neenah white that is 4 inches by 4 inches and line it up with the black line that the cricut drew on the mask. I use LOW tack tape that is easily removed and can be used again. Flip your mask over. Blend any ink colors you wish. I used the four colors you see in the picture.

When I was happy with the blending, I left the cardstock in the mask. I distressed it with a bunch of Tim Holtz stencils and a darker color ink. I love to splatter it with black spots too. I am getting the hang of the bristle brushes. I do not own the Tim Holtz brushes......yet.

Here is an example of a finished card. I took the mask off to stamp the butterfly. I matted it on pink cardstock and I am done! This card was very quick to make, and I enjoy the distressed look.

Here are a few more blendings that I completed. I ended up cutting 10 masks, so that I could complete 10 at a time without having to remove the masks. I will finish these smaller cards in no time! Here is a link to my cricut mask. You must have your cricut design space installed to view and save my mask. LINK: Cricut masks
Kristina Werner has a whole video and post featuring many of her favorite blend combinations. I just like having fun! Thanks for dropping by. Please leave a comment, it would make my day!


Fussy cutting

Welcome back. I HATE fussy cutting. Seriously. I just don't do it. Some people say they find it relaxing, and therapeutic. No....not me.

But, I wanted to give this look a try. It seemed easy enough and yes, I had to fussy cut a bit. Take a look:

I actually gobbed up the center card so I sprinkled it with pink ink to cover it up. It looks totally intentional now! This set from from Altenew as well! I am getting handy with the masking magic!
I colored these with colored pencil and gamsol. I hadn't used those in a while. Coloring in small sessions is a bit relaxing for me. LOL
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Tim Holtz is on a HOT streak!

Thanks for stopping by. With the nation/world on stay at home orders, Tim Holtz has been doing MANY facebook live videos. Although I truly adore him, and I have embraced many of his techniques and I own TONS of his products, I am not glued to the computer when he is on live. I watch for a bit, and they move on. No one really notices that he does not CREATE anything in full. There is never a finished product in the end. It is almost as if he CAN'T complete a full creation ever. He leaves that up to all his creative team, I suppose. It's funny how no one really notices that....but me. He simply shows techniques that I already know, or don't interest me.
However! I do adore all his inks, stains, paints, oxides dies, stencils, stamps and hopefully (when I have more $) his glazes!
But I always go back to his wildflowers when I am stuck creatively. Take a look:

I know these look very similar to a post I had a few months back, but I saw this sentiment on someone else's card, and I HAD TO HAVE IT! I placed an order just for this set! I actually created these cards and left the space open on each card so I could finish it off with this sentiment when it arrived in the mail. Have you done that before? New to me.  Lol.
I also die cut these flowers from some alcohol inked backgrounds that I din't know what to do with! They made great flowers!
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Lucky find!

I am so glad you are here. I often go on the facebook marketplace to see if anyone local is destashing any supplies for my crafting room. I found a woman who was parting with a mess of older stamp sets from companies that I have never heard of. She wanted no money, it was a porch pickup. I grabbed it!

Many of the stamp set were of no use to me. Companies like Autumn Leaves, Studio Calico, and some studio G mini sets. But at the very bottom was one set that I really liked. It had no name or brand that I could discern. Take a look:

It had a few shapes with writing inside the shape. I want to say it was a older fiskers set.  So I grabbed the flower and created a matching set of cards. I bought masking magic sheets and created masks so I could overlap the image and color around them with distress inks. Aren't they cool? I adore this one stamp, and I think I will use it again. The rest of the stamps, I think I will pass on to someone else.
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