More Birthday cards

I have been stressing over the amount of male birthday cards I have (or lack there of). I got the itch to go grungy! I like Tim Holtz and his vintage, grungy, multi-media look, I just have a hard time embracing it. With the help of my cricut (those CorelDraw skills came in handy) and some great examples online, I gave it a try:

I struggle with brown. It just is not on my "favorites" palette. It's funny how much brown paper, ink and accessories I have in my stash. I had no trouble finding enough to use.

 I learned a new trick. Once I placed my wildflowers where I wanted them, I used Press-n-Seal to capture their placement. Then I could flip it over and peel off the backings and them perfectly place them back on the card base perfectly! what an awesome trick!

Once on got into the swing of things, I decided to create a few more! Thanks for dropping in. Enjoy the rest of your day.

I entered into:

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