Beautiful Backgrounds!

Hello everyone!
I love when I dig through some backgrounds that I created forever ago, and I finish them into a beautiful card that I did not envision back then. Here are a few of those.
 I LOVE the backgrounds on this duo! The sentiment completes the card.

I just purchased all I need to create Jennifer McGuires ink color swatch book. I have over 100 different inks, and thought it was about time I got them sorted and cataloged to see what I have, and what I lack in my collection. Stay tuned to see my version of a swatch book!


  1. Your wonderful silhouettes look stunning on your beautiful backgrounds!! Sensational work, Cindy!

  2. Amazing cards! I love the way you colored the backgrounds; great variety in how you used them. Love these!

  3. Your beautiful backgrounds really transformed into wonderful cards! Love each and every one of them! I look forward to seeing your swatchbook.


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