My Peerless Water color set arrived!

Ok, I gave in. 
     I have seen so many card making videos using the Peerless water colors, I just had to buy them. Being a frugal crafter, I wanted to "try them" before "investing in them". With the basic set not having many colors, and the bonus set costing too much plus shipping, I hesitated. 
     Then I went on Etsy.com, and found "Peerless Watercolor "mini" Travel Palette 3/4" squares of peerless on 4.5" x 6 " palette" sold by "Oliveme Artsie" for only $15! Perfect, I get to try before investing, and I have 40 colors to play with! It arrived in less than week. So, what do I paint first? Here is my first attempt:
Peerless Water Colors
It's true, the colors are SO vibrant, and they pop from the page. My Happy birthday is a bit askew, but its all good. In the background I filled in with a copic marker. I am excited to use these A LOT!  lol. 
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