School Year Starts Tomorrow!

As a middle school math teacher, I get super excited for the start of the school year! I have been going to trainings, decorating my classroom, helping first year teachers, researching, and creating lesson plans already. In my school district, the students start this week on TUESDAY. That gives me one more day to be prepared.

I had so much fun getting my blog up and running this summer. I feel like I have neglected it for a few weeks. (well, I have) I wanted to say that I am not giving up, or quitting by any means, just posting a bit more infrequently. I have so much on my plate right now, and the beginning of the year is crucial to a smooth year.

So, as much as I feel guilty, I wanted to post something this week. On a happy note, I have joined the sunshine committee at school. So I HAVE to provide birthday cards, and get well cards for them. That will keep me posting as least weekly too!

So cross your fingers for me that my first week goes smoothly, and I will be back soon!

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