Purchase: Craig's list find!

I search our local Craig's list occasionally to see if there are any good finds on stamps and stamp supplies. I found a good one today. This gentleman's mom had passed and she had to been collecting stamps, inks and papers for years. I dug through boxes and draws of stamps, and found a few that made me smile (hero arts always does) and some odds and end items that I have never had the chance to own (white flock). I had to show you my finds! The cost....this is the good part, You'll have to scroll down to see the price. Take a look! (you may need a tissue to collect the drool...lol)

The price.....drum roll...$30.00 total! Can you believe it? That is a bit more than a dollar an item! Yes, these are used items, but a few of them are unused. To be truthful, the only REALLY beloved stamp in the bunch is the oriental writing background stamp. How about those adorable birds? He also threw in some older stamp magazines to get ideas from.... I can't wait to get stampin'! :)

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