School Year starts on Friday! What, Friday?

Welcome back,
I am in love with all the cards I have finished up this week. I even found time to create two different 3D paper craft projects as gift for my co-teachers this year. Take a look:

 I loved the look of these cards, that I made more! These are created with the first set of color burst powders and a STIFF piece of acetate. I used the SMOOSH technique with the acetate and then used a heat tool to control the spread of color. I love this!

 I wanted to create a handbag for cards as a gift for my co-teachers. I guess you can't tell size from this picture, but this cute purse is only big enough to hold 3" by 3" cards!

 These handbags are a bit bigger. I created them to hold standard A2 cards and envelopes. grabbed the process and rough dimensions from a Stampin' up Demonstrator's video. I love the tags I created!

These pencils are an ol' favorite gift I have created in the past. The lead come off and the gift of new pencils can be put inside. I tried two different shades of pink for the erasers. Which one do you like?

I am not sure which to give to my co-teachers, the pencils or the cute bags!? Which would you give to your co-teachers?

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  1. these are so cute! i absolutely love the pencils and little purses!!! how cute!


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