New Planner!

Hello again!
Spring break is a week away, and I have so many card designs swimming around in my head! I Love this sentiment. Take a look:

 Another project I have been working on is a new planner:

I have a TEACHER planner for school, and a wall planner for home. I needed a change. I guess planner OBSESSION is a real thing, and I dove head-first into the facebook group craze! There are entire blogs dedicated to nothing but planner obsession. (for example: All About Planners) Rachel is from Australia and post all about different types of planners. 

Anyway, I decided on a DAY-Timer A5 planner, purple of course. I designed my own inserts, dividers, pockets and such. I am having fun with it, but I am not crazed like many others. That is where my madness stops. I have no desire to enter challenges, or create and sell planner stickers or design a traveler's planner.

I can say with confidence, I am much more organized and put tons of thoughts on paper now! Thanks for dropping in.

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