Erin Lincoln & a Wish List on PTI!

Hello everyone!
I was cruising around in blog-land, and I came across these cards on Erin Lincoln's blog.

I immediately dashed over to PTI's website and threw all the new dies, stamps and paper I needed to recreate these adorable cards into the shopping cart!

Begrudgingly, I saw the total, and wiped away two very large dinosaur tears and ultimately didn't order. (on a teacher salary, I do this often)

I told myself that I will print out the PTI "wishlist" and if I still want it in a month or so, I would sell a few items to make enough money to afford these goodies.

In the mean time, AREN'T these SWEET???


  1. These are absolutely adorable, Cindy! What fun!

    I also love the new look of your blog! Clean and roomy!

  2. I do that often too Cindy. I just can't justify purchasing too much more. You could always make your own little flip flops? Free hand cut the curves of the borders? I sometimes do that by using flyers/postcards/items in the house that have a unique shape as a tracing mechanism. I look at all the dies that are avail nowadays and I think, what happened to the days of fussy cutting by hand? It just all adds up too fast!

  3. It is easy to add them to the cart,especially on-line shopping..... and then you look at the total and...whoa! I am with you-gotta put that back. The cards are darling- you could make these without a bunch of expensive stamps too.... : )


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