Organization of Dies Using my Cricut!

I can't express how satisfying it is to envision an organizational idea in my head, and have it come to reality just as I thought it would! I created this WHOLE project myself. (I can be rather stubborn) when I get stuck on something. Here is the problem:

Problem: Need to set up a current organizational system to store my dies that is NOT expensive. and easy to update in the future. NO 3-ring binders or pages. I want something I can flip through and store upright. It must be expandable to incorporate all my future purchases.  I HATE labeling things with those stupid white strips. (everyone uses them - thanks Jennifer McGuire!) I refuse. I want images and pictures.
Solution: Using my cricut, and some magnetic sheeting that my loving husband uses at work, I DON'T have to follow every other card maker's system I see on the internet, and I can have a system that I can call my own. (and share with you).
I ran across this pad of paper on the sale rack at Walmart. the sale sticker read: "$5.00" by when the check out girl rang it up it read: "$2.50". (what a deal!). This paper is very pretty and seems thicker than other paper I have. 

On the internet I found the SVG of a envelope I liked. It was 3.75" by  4.75", This was just big enough for all my dies. Here is a screen shot:
I put two to a sheet. The dashed lines are perforations that will make the folding easier.

Here are two yellow envelopes after the cricut cut them out. I love how the paper gets darker from top to bottom.
 I folded the envelope and used strong adhesive to seal the edges. The magnetic sheet is on the right cut 3.5" by 4.5".
 I placed my "hello" dies (large and small) together for one envelope. and slid it into the envelope.

 This is the original packaging that the large die came in. (I cut and taped the small die info on it). I cut the front of the package to fit on the front of my new envelope.
Here is the finished product. (only four pictured) I just have to find a container to hold them all now. (or maybe I will create one... lol) I have cut out 30 envelopes thus far all different colors. My collection is small, but I am sure it will grow. I hope I gave you ideas to make your system your own. I will be happy to share the SVG file with you or anything else you want to know, if you leave me a comment. 

Now, I can move on to a new clear stamp system and a system to organize and store my paper scraps too. Stay tuned for more to come!


  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! Very creative! I may have to look into doing this. :)

  2. What a great way to organize your dies!! Sensational work, Cindy!

  3. Wonderful idea for organizing your dies. I am going to need some organizing ideas soon.....! I am moving my craft room as soon as I get my room painted.....

  4. Good idea, and you gotta love that the paper was soooo cheap! My favorite kind of find!


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