Day One Online Card Making class!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I signed up for a Online Card Making class. I am SO excited to be a student of these amazing teachers in this industry.
      On the whole, I feel I have a strong handle on the card makers whose blogs are leading the way in this industry. I love the influence these blogs have on the direction this craft takes. I have watched as companies like Stampin' up and Close to my heart were the leaders in the stamp set production realm. for a long time other small companies simply could not compete with these stamp producers. I was wrapped up in these larger companies too. I so looked forward to their catalogs and placing a huge one time order for the sets I wanted.
      Oh so slowly, I have watched these key card makers push side their once go-to stampin' up inks in their creations, and begin to introduce other smaller brands on their cards. In addition these women began to sell off their bulky wooden Stampin' up sets, and moved toward the slim, easy to store, clear stamps sets. As an avid video watcher, I, too, began turning my attention away from paper catalogs, and began placing online orders for the newest polymer clear stamp sets. My trips to Joann's decreased, and my shopping carts online began to fill up. I have purchased digital stamps in addition to my orders to growing online warehouses.
     This week I signed up for the newest Holiday Card Class offered by Online Card Classes. I was not surprised that the handful of blogs I have been following for the last 6-8 months are the same women who are the teachers for this class. They are incredibly talented and versatile in their ability to create stunning artwork with any stamp sets put before them. (a skill I have not acquired...yet)
     Anyway, I really enjoyed the first lesson, and I got enough time to create and post my sample:

     I have been working diligently to improve my skills, and widen my arsenal of techniques available in my tool belt. I thought "I am ready for this BIG league class". Boy, I have a lot more to learn. Not only are the topics ambitious, but the students' samples blow my abilities away. (Not to mention their quickness to post their creations before I even watch the lessons). Even after day 1, I have come to one stunning realization that made me feel a bit better. Many of these teachers (as well as students) can post so quickly because they do not have a full time job in a demanding field as I do. Many of these talented people are stay at home moms or they work from home. They can re-arrange their schedule to accommodate these time consuming lessons.
     I love my teaching. I cannot imagine doing anything else for a living. But with that said, I am very jealous of women who have the ability to stay home to raise their children, and can function on one income. Even with two incomes, the sheer expense of my paper crafting obsession is difficult to swallow when we are pulled in so many directions (medical, living, vacation, and high auto expenses just to name a few) As much as I want to keep up with all these students, I simply cannot. Coming home at 5:00pm, making dinner, eating, cleaning, watching the videos eats up my entire evening. I need to make lunch for the next day and go to bed at a reasonable hour to function. I am slowly falling behind. Good thing I am able to take several days for each lesson. (I guess the majority of the pressure is self-imposed) Maybe the lessons should be every OTHER day, make it a 10 day class, rather than 5. (just thinking aloud).
I showed this to my husband and his first words were "plain and boring". He didn't understand that the lesson was about "easy to duplicate" cards. So yes, it is plain, but it is easy to make many! I will improve some as the week goes on. Wish me luck!


  1. What a fun sentiment on this great snowflake design! I love the chalkboard look of this great card!

  2. I love this card- the sentiment is so cute too. Cardmaking should be your joy- not another job. I am with you about keeping up with the classes- take your time and enjoy it God Bless you- we need good teachers!

  3. Great card! I was considering taking this class as well. I took the copic class and loved it!

  4. This sounds really fun, I hope to start my own card classes soon too! Those snowflakes are just too cute!

    The Lady & Her Stamps

  5. I am taking that class also. I love all of the ideas I get from these classes. I am a teacher also, and I know what you mean about finding time. I have so many ideas that there is not enough time in the day to get them out of my head! BTW, I think your card is beautiful!


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