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Hello everyone!
     Here is some info about a few challenges that I have played in, and plan to play in more often very soon. I really enjoy sketch challenges that are clean and simple. I struggle remembering which site starts when and for how long. So, I complied a bit of info for me, but thought "hey, if I need this info complied, maybe my readers will too!" Please note that I gathered this info quickly from what I could gather from each site and with the help of: PaperPlayful. It may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to leave me a comment and/or correction if needed. Enjoy!

Name of Challenge
Challenge Address
Challenge Info
Start: Tuesdays (CST)
Ends: Mondays Noon (CST)
Clean and Simple
Start: Fridays
Lasts 20 days
Less is more
Start: Saturdays
Once a month
Freshly Made Sketches
Start: Wednesdays (PST)
Mondays Noon (PTS)
{CAS} Colours and Sketches
Start: Thursdays
Lasts two weeks
Seize the Birthday
Two times a month
Ends: Tuesdays @ noon

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