Frugal Storage tip: Storage of clear stamps!

How do you store your clear stamps? I have a penny-free way to store you stamps without spending a dime!
I purchased two new stamps.

 The clear plastic sleeve that each stamp comes in is the key. The glory of modesty stamp comes in the sleeve with a hang hole at the top, the free flight stamp does not. Both will work. Take the stamp and the thin cardboard sheet out of the wrapper. Grab a pair of scissors and cut off the hang hole above the crimp mark. This is the bottom of your pocket. 

Open the top of the sleeve, and cut off the fold to make the opening of the pocket. Slip your cardboard and stamp back into the pocket, and store them upright within easy reach and poof, you have a easy storage solution that did not cost a penny!

 I store mine in a little wooden box. I am quickly outgrowing it.  :) I love having them at arm's reach, and pulling them out of the sleeves helps to clean up quickly!

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  1. Your organizing tips here are excellent; one of these days I have to re-sort my rather little, yet at the moment, messy stash! I've been known to alphabetize my paper pads..whatever works, right! Thank you so, so much for commenting on my most recently posted card class assignments. You've definitely brightened my day! The 'no perfect' stamp comes from The Alley Way Stamps, in a set called All About You. I still have several yet to touch ink...but given the way this class is going, the time is coming soon. Excited!! Have a great Friday!


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