New Creation: Ribbon storage!

I am so excited!
I was in need of a method of storing all my ribbon. The boxes were just not working. I went online and saw this. I wanted it SO badly, until I looked at the price and shipping. I kept looking. I ran into this post and this one. I had a handy husband, and thought "Why can't we build this?" SO......we did!

It came out to be a different size than the one in the post, but these dimensions allowed us to build two. They came out to 20" by 24". The second one I am going to see if I need it. If not, I think we will sell it to off-set the cost.

I just love the way it came out, and all my ribbon fits perfectly! I think we will be more apt to build the next piece of furniture I need .......  soon....Thank you honey! You are the best!  :)

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