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Happy Sunday!
I recently purchased a stamp set from Joann's called Peeking posies. I opened up the package and began stamping with the four rubber stamps. I was upset to realize that the corner of one stamp was damaged, not by the retailer, but during manufacturing.

I thought...huh, I wonder if Hero Arts will stand behind their stamps? I went online and found an e-mail address to tell then my situation. Here is my letter:

Hello Hero Arts,
My name is Cindy Jones. I am an avid stamper, and absolutely LOVE your products. I placed an order online at Joann's.com and purchased your PEEKING POSIES stamp set. I was dismayed to find that the corner of one of the four stamps was damaged. The rubber was not formed properly. I was hoping you could help me with this matter as it seems to be a manufacturing issue, not a retailer issue. Is there a way to replace the one stamp? Have attached the purchase receipt from Joann's. 

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you,
Cindy Jones
(I included my email, home address and telephone number)

I received a wonderful e-mail back saying that they love hearing from their customers, and they will send out that individual stamp to me for no charge. It arrived a few days later. What a great company! I will most definitely continue to enjoy their products! Way to go Hero Arts! I am a very happy customer!

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