Distress Ink & Oxide Color RBG Codes & Stickers

I created RBG codes for the first 24 (first 2 releases) of the Oxide colors back in early 2018. Click here for that post:  HERE. I never did get around to completing ALL the distress colors (all 61). As of yesterday, Tim and Ranger have announced that there will be 12 more colors coming. Just announced was Speckled Egg! It's perfect.
Recently, there has also been many crafters who are creating large blending swatches. This in turn, got me thinking about swatches for myself. The current project that I am on involves blending too. SO, I decided to take the project on!

How did I do this: First, I could not find a text list of all the 61 colors? Anywhere? I had to create it! Then, I imported all the color samples from Ranger's catalog into CorelDraw and converted all the colors into an RPG code. This way I can represent all the colors digitally as closely as Ranger did. Then I miniaturized each sample dot into a sticker sheet that I can cut apart and use to create my blending swatches. I wanted to share my hard work. Yes, it took hours, but I think it was relaxing and totally worth it. I am very engrossed in distress inks currently. I bet you are too!

Click on the purple buttons to download for free:


Thanks for stopping by. I hope my creations are helpful.

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