Lucky find at Marshalls!

I am enjoying my summer. I love the three days weekends. (yes, I am teaching summer school again...uuggh) BUT! I am determined to get some crafting done! I decided that I was getting a bit disorganized, and I needed to cut white card panels and have them on hand ready to go. I needed a container of course? What do I store them in?

Jennifer McGuire recommended more clear storage bins. Why not run to Marshalls, and take a look around!  I may just find the perfect thing?! Well, I did! Take a look!
I found what I think was a storage container for the cupboard for gravy packets. It fits perfectly for card bases....three different sizes too! I used red cardstock to separate my watercolor paper from my Neenah Solar white cardstock. Then I cut thick craft dividers a bit taller so I can label each size. 

In my head, the back section is the card base size. The middle section is the dark mat size. and the front section is the light panel size. A majority of the cards I create are A2 size. I do other sizes once in a while, square mostly, but I try to stick with A2.

I am switching my storage from this way. Man, that was 2014?! Time flies in the craft room!

I may have to run back and purchase another one for my birthday and sentiment panels for the inside of the card. hmmmm. It was only $5.99!

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