New Orleans and a new purchase!

Hello again,
The end of the school year is so tough on everyone. Between state and local exams, proctoring, covering for other proctors, and the ever-changing daily schedule, I have been crazy busy. the first thing to get push to the back burner is my passion - crafting.

Now that all that madness is over, and things have slowed down, I have news! My brother got married, and did a destination wedding in New Orleans! In the middle of all the sight-seeing, I purchased a VERY nice camera! It's a Sony DSC-wx350. I am so excited. I struggle so much with card staging, and the crappy quality of my pictures did not motivate me to keep posting. I drool over other people's blog pictures and wonder "how come I can't get pictures like that?" Now, I think I can!

I need to go back and redo my last set of photos with my new camera and get them up.I think I will be more excited to craft if I know that the pictures will come out better.  Also, with summer coming, I should have tons more time to get inky! Thanks for listening to me rant. See you soon!

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