Back to School Day1 - I made it!

Can you believe that I taught all day, and still have energy to finish a handful of cards and complete a post? I tell ya, I am determined to make time for my cardmaking!

I am going back to the basics. As I mentioned before, I lost my mojo, and I am trying to spark my creativity again. What a better way to do it then to go back to simple techniques, and old favorites? I keep telling myself "Cindy, clean and simple is OK.....It's ok!"  LOL.... Do you talk to yourself to when you want to OVER-DO a simple design?  It works, I tell ya!

Very simple, but elegant:

Wow, I forgot all my photo tricks and everything! I'll get there, I will. I promise, the next set will be better. Enjoy, and I will see you soon!


  1. Three CAS beauties, Cindy! So very pretty! I am so excited that you are back stamping with the CCMCs and look forward to more wonderful designs from your talented hands!

  2. These three floral cards are so striking.... love the simplicity, the watercolor look, and the breath of spring. Beautiful!

  3. Love the RubberNecker Cindy!!

  4. Love these pretty floral images- and CAS is hard for me too! Your cards are just beautiful though- wonderful watercolor look and love the simplicity!

  5. I just love the color combinations you used here.


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