Paper crafting is so much fun!

A friend of mine needed a banner for a high school reunion party. She found a sample on pinterest that she adored, and wanted something similar. She thought she'd find a banner kit at the local craft store. I told her I have all the supplies in my craft room, I would LOVE to create a banner for her. She was so relieved to hear that!
I asked her what her school colors were and what she wanted to the banner to say. Her school colors were orange and white, her mascot was the braves.

That weekend she posts a picture of the banner hanging in the venue of her class reunion! She was stoked that it came out so well. Here is a picture.

 I gave her a spool of white and a spool of orange ribbon, and decided to het her figure out how she wanted to hang it. I honestly thought she would hang the 1983 on a separate line, but it looks great! It was so easy! I had all the paper and ribbon on hand, and my cricut and sure-cuts-alot software did the rest! She had a great time at her reunion.

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