Featured storage: Magnetic Storage of Spellbinder and other dies

Happy Monday!
I am so happy to have one more day this weekend. I have a list a mile long of chores, errands and other around the house things to do. But alas, where am I? I am taking photos, and uploading them on my blog.  LOL! I am so addicted to crafting. That's ok, my obsession is your treasure!  Anyway, on to my project.

Again, I came up with a storage solution for my spellbinder dies and other smaller metal dies I own. I searched the Internet and saw bits and pieces of ideas I liked, but nothing I wanted to incorporate completely.

I knew I wanted to keep the front pages of the spellbinder dies. I needed the visual picture of the shapes and the names of the collections.  But I needed strong magnetic sheeting to adhere these dies to. My loving husband uses large sheets at his company, so he brought home a scrap piece for me to use. It was perfect!

Next I took the front information page from plastic packaging of my spellbinder dies. I cut a sheet of magnetic sheeting the same size. The white coating peels off, and it becomes a sticker. (how perfect is that?) I adhered it to the back of the spellbinder information sheet. I corner punched to round the edges.

front and back 

I am a very frugal crafter. I ONLY buy what I use. No more. I am not a collector, or purchase items and never use them. With that said, I only own a handful of spellbinder dies. They are simply too expensive to have a large quantity of. I love them, don't get me wrong. I only buy them on sale with a coupon.
my extensive collection thus far

 I know what the next two collections I have my eye on are: plain CIRCLES, and PLAIN ovals. (I don't care for doilies and frilly edges. I think of grandmas and old coffee tables decorated with paper doilies, lol) yucky.  :)
this system works great for all heights of dies (tall and shorter ones)
I have found a few flower and butterfly dies that I adore. Some of these third party companies are breaking away from spellbinders and creating their own lines. I own a few from Cheery Lynn. They are a bit easier to afford and just as high quality. I simply cut the label from the front of the plastic bag they were packaged in, and decorated a piece of cardboard with stampin' up! paper, and adhered the magnetic sheet to the back.
(see the purple dies in the photo)
Sits on my desk right in front of me
I store them in a cute box like a file box where they are always in view, and I flip to the one I want. No, they don't stick to each other. (I was thinking the same thing, he he). I hope this idea helps! It works perfectly for me. Enjoy. Leave a comment, it would seriously make my day!


  1. Anonymous5/27/2013

    Great solution, Cindy! Looks nice, and looks like it will be easy to find what you need...

  2. thanks for sharing this Cindy!! I have been looking for a solution for storing mine, this is perfect!

  3. I love your system Cindy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous7/03/2013

    Great idea! Do you know where one can purchase the magnetic sheeting?

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  6. I was really searching for such a nice post and got here...Thanks for sharing such a nice information, its beneficial for me...Keep sharing more.

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