Featured File: SU! Inks Excel spreadsheet

Hey Everyone,
As I stated before, I am new to the blog world. I am testing to see if I can share a document with you through my blog. In this post, I am inserting a few ways to obtain the file, and see which method works best. Please bear with me.

What am I sharing you ask? I created a list of EVERY Stampin up color, retired to current. I couldn't locate one online that I could manipulate. (they were all .PDF's). I attempted to add which collection each color belongs. This proved to be challenging because Stampin' up changed their collection names a bit at one point. Not only that, but the collection the color fits in seems to change depending on who you ask!?! lol. Long story short, the list is most likely not 100% correct. But it is a good start.

My sheet has all the colors I own at the top, but if you alphabetize them again, they will be all the colors.  Again, if I went to all this trouble to create it, maybe it can help you! Here is a preview of the excel spreadsheet below:
1.  Try this link to see if you can obtain it: Can I upload an excel sheet?

2.  Try this one to see if you can obtain it:  http://www.mediafire.com/edit/?5haaag8apb69dkjmeln6lo43wxfdiv8

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