My cricut and three new stencils!

Hello again,
I watched a video from somewhere and the blogger used a stencil to start their card. I have never really been intrigued by stencils, and I don't own any. But for some reason, this stencil triggered something in me. I really liked the card that was created, and suddenly I wanted a stencil, like now!!
I thought "Why buy one, when I can create one?"  MY CRICUT! I located a pattern that pleased me, and I downloaded it, opened it in my SURE CUTS ALOT 2 program and had my cricut cut it out....and POOF! I now have a few stencils!
Take a look!


I am not quite sure what to create with them, but I am SO pleased that I was able to create them. If I can create these, what else can I create? SO many possibilities! I had some laminated card stock from a previous project. It worked perfectly for these stencils. More creating to come!


  1. WoW! You are so smart to make your own stencils! I love them!

  2. What a great idea to create your own stencils. You can basically make anything you want. Talk about a custom look! I'm a member of StampNation and they have a multi-part class going on using stencils and I'm eager to try some of the techniques they suggest.

  3. These are awesome, Cindy! The possibilities are endless!!

  4. Do you happen to know the name of the brick looking pattern?

    1. I created it with my cricut. You cannot buy it. Sorry!


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