New changes to my blog!

I've been working and tweaking my blog tonight with the help of a good friend, Ching. It feels good to create substantial changes successfully. Take a look:
  • I installed a new template to replace the outdated one
  • Added a horizontal bar that lists 4 new pages
  • Completely re-organized and cleaned up the right sidebar
  • Created a new color coordinated signature

What a learning curve! I now know more about blogger coding and manipulation than I thought I could handle! (lol) Actually, it was very rewarding and (gulp) fun!


  1. What an incredibly satisfying day!! I can only imagine how inspired you now feel to craft more so you can blog more on your gorgeous new blog! So happy for you Cindy!

  2. Looking good! I love having my blogroll with last posts- so when I can comment, I know when I have last visited- saves me some time!


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