I love my MISTI!

Thank you for stopping in! I have been busy creating! I wanted to share my newest creations.

 This stamp is from rubbernecker.com. It is a beautiful stamp that I could never stamp just right. The outline is not meant to line up perfectly, but it was so frustrating to me when I stamped it WAY off. With the help of my MISTI, I produced 5 different cards with AWESOME results. I simply changed the ink color.

 On these two cards, I used a punch that I adore. It adds a bit of texture without taking away from the image. I can't seem to find a current link to it. It's called Fiskers- Border punch- "In Stitches" One site says it is new, another says it is discontinued.

 I am trying to give a new look to my blog. It is not the easiest task. It seems that each time I fool around with the layout or the template, I create more errors and displeasing results.

My husband and I are toying with buying an umbrella domain name. He wants my blog to be one section of the umbrella domain name. I try to express to him that blogs don't do well that way.

For example: He wants to purchase www.cmjenterprises.com. (short for Cindy Mark Jones Enterprises) That would make my blog name: www.cmjenterprises.com/designingduos.blahblah.  He doesn't understand the issue with that. I will keep trying to get him to see.

Off to create more!

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