Me and my MISTI...

Hello again!
I finally got some time to get creating with my MISTI. Man, I love the security that I won't mess up, when I use my MISTI. I am using stamps I could never use before (because I would have to stamp multiple times to get a clear image) with it. Take a look:

These dragonflies are gorgeous! Such detail. I stamped each of them twice to make them nice and dark. Even the sentiment came out well! I think this is one of my most favorite cards of all time.  :)

I totally forgot about this cute little butterfly. I actually did something I have NEVER done before. I UNMOUNTED a stamp. I pulled this stamp off its wood and used it with my MISTI. Now I am not sure how to store this newly unmounted stamp. It is still sticky from the glue. I guess I'll need to do some cyber research and see how others store theirs. I love rediscovering old stamps. Any suggestions?

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  1. These are gorgeous, Cindy! I love your bright, vibrant colors with this wonderful butterflies. The MISIT is my favorite tool, too! It makes stamping with my layered stamps a breeze!

  2. So love those backgrounds! Bold and bright - perfect pairing with the black ink. I have unmounted some stamps a LONG LONG time ago and never knew what to do with them either. Since getting involved with Stampin' Up! though, I have heard of many others unmounting their stamps. Stampin' Up! sells (or did at least - it was on the retired list and now shows as sold out) the foam backing you can use for unmounted stamps to turn them into cling mount stamps. I can't imagine that they will do away with it completely - so watch come June when the new catalog comes out, they may have an alternative. Or you can try to find another company that sells it. It's called Clear Mount Cling Foam.

  3. WOW- the colors on your cards are just fabulous! I love the butterflies you used too. I really have to check out the Misti...... I have quite a few unmounted stamps- fabulous for space/storage space. I use some with and some without the foam backing.

  4. wonderful cards and you're making me think I want a Misti!! LOL!


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