Frugal Storage for Embossing powders

Hello Friends,
This weekend, I was bound and determined to get organized so that I could produce some Holiday cards! As I was cleaning my workspace, there was embossing powder EVERYWHERE! I then thought "I need a dedicated space for embossing AWAY from my workspace", so that I won't get powder all over it again.

Then I remembered a blog entry I came across from Jennifer McGuire. I loved her idea and storage method, but I thought I could go smaller and cheaper. Click here for her storage method.

Then I ran across this blog entry. I loved her small containers. I evened owned some of those green lid containers. I knew how expensive they were, and how difficult it is to take the tops off without spilling the contents. uggghhh.

So, off to the dollar store I went. Here is what I found!
Sterilite 1969
Sterilite  1969 Clear

Sterilite 1969
Perfect for my powders!

storage solution embossing powders Sterilite 1969
Six for a dollar each!
They were a dollar each and the tops are snapped on with the handles. I also found these:
Bag of spoons for a buck!
Pack of regular spoons for a dollar. I knew they were too long for the containers. I thought I could snap the handle in half, or cut them to make them shorter. I liked the idea of velcro rather than the expensive clips that Jennifer used. Again, a dollar.
Velcro to adhere the spoon to the underside of each lid
six containers, six spoons
Here is the final product:
storage solution embossing powders
Velcro holds the spoon to the underside of the lid

storage solution embossing powders
finished product!
storage solution embossing powders
I was excited to show this frugal way to store your embossing powders. This set of 6 colors cost me a total of $8.00. I think I may have to go back and pick up 6 more containers.....hmmm.


  1. Brilliant. I love the dollar shops. I get all my containers there. So clever thanks for sharing

  2. I use a similar system for my embossing powders. It sure makes embossing less messy and more fun.

  3. What a great and grugal way to organize your embossing powders! I never find cute containers like that at the Dollar Stores that are local to me.


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