School is Out! Summer Vacation is here!

Hello everyone,
I am so sorry that I am not able to keep my blog up and running while I am teaching. It simply cannot be done. I am wondering if keeping a blog seasonally is possible. I noticed that as soon as I stop adding new content, my new comments cease, and the incoming spam increases. I thought that even if I am not adding new content, people would continue to visit past posts and still leave comments. (I know I do on other blogs I visit). So why don't they do that to mine? That is very puzzling to me that the blog world does not work like that. Anyhow...

I am pleased to say that I have an abundance of free time on my hands now, and I am itching to get crafting. But before school let out, I did one last project with my students that I wanted to share. It was amazingly easy to create, and the affect was huge.

I told the students to pick one of the card designs, assemble the card, and on a separate piece of paper, I had them write out a message to any teacher (except me) that they wanted to say thank you to for all they did this year. I helped them form their ideas, and I approved them, and typed them up. (there was no time to have them type them up themselves, although I wanted to have them do it) They glued the messages in, and decorated the envelope. We even practiced how to approach a teacher and deliver a thank you card. So many of the students were not sure how to do that. In the end, they were very pleased with themselves, and I know the teachers were touched by the gesture.

Here are three of the card designs that they could choose from. I created them in publisher, saved them as .pdfs, and printed them on the school's color laser printer four to a page. They were 4 1/4 by 4 1/4. I have learned that students don't write much, and small is cute! :) Not to mention less expensive. I even created matching envelopes with my Envelope Punch Board.

The students could choose any background color they wished, and then they adhered that to the card base. The combinations were fun! The center one was created and abandoned by a student. It is glued askew, but I used it anyway.  he he. Enjoy!

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