Welcome to Summer Break!

     I am so excited to be done with teaching for the 2012-2013 school year. I honestly thought that I would dive right into my cardmaking obsession the minute my break started. (Tuesday).....Well, it is Thursday, and I'm having trouble getting inspired. (happen to you?) I have been cleaning my craft room, re-arranging, and even using my Cricut....but not card making.

     I sat down in front of my computer and said "What ever card pops up first, I am going to use as inspiration and create SOMETHING, and get out of this funk!" So I clicked on one of my favorite blogs and this card popped up: BITS AND PIECES.

     So, here is my take on it:

     I am not sure if I am officially out of my funk. The desire to be creative is strong, I just can't produce anything I am pleased with. I seem to "try too hard" or "make it more sophisticated than it needs to be" I am sure if you are a crafty person, you understand what I am saying.

     I kept going, and tried a few more attempts, I cannot say they are my best, but I am happy enough with them to place them on my blog!  :)

     I have to mention though, to my defense, I spent a hunk of time creating a die cut on my SCAL for this butterfly. This Butterfly is one of my first purchases over 10 years ago. I stamped its image, scanned it into my desktop, traced it with SCAL and resized it to cut on my cricut. Then I use my stamp-a-majig to line up my wooden stamp and PRESTO! It is a die-cut! I am very pleased with my efforts. Like I said, it IS my favorite go-to butterfly.

I forgot how much fun vellum is! I have to play with it more often. I have a whole pack of it!:) Enjoy!

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  1. Our schools are officially done this week (June 28th) and I'm sooo excited to have uninterrupted card-making time! I mentioned I *was* a teacher - I resigned (too much politics and way toooo much marking!), however, I'm an admin assistant in a little Outreach school, with the same breaks as teachers/students. I know all about the 'freedom funk' - it takes a few days to regain your equilibrium without 'schedules' to follow. From what I've seen in your newer posts, you are on a roll! Funk is gone, and creativity is full-steam! Love these cards! You've inspired me to play with my whole 2 sheets of vellum and see what happens! Guaranteed nothing as lovely as your cards, but a start is a start!


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