New Stamp Tip: This is going to make you CRINGE!! (but it works!)

     Have you ever bought a clear stamp, only to find that the image is grainy and not as you expected? I have seen so many ideas on how to fix this.....but not mine! It works everytime, I know, the thought of doing it this way is going to make you cringe, but trust me, no harm will come to your stamps!

     STEP ONE:  For example, I have a penny black set, allegro with a few unused stamps in it. I am using memento ink black, it is my must have basic black ink. I took the flower stamp from the set.
This is the grainy type image you get on that very first stamp with a clear stamp. If you are a avid stamper, you know what I am talking about. It bugs me everytime I buy a clear set of new stamps.
STEP TWO: Be prepared to cringe: Take a piece of sandpaper, or I have found a VERY fine nail file sponge to work as well. Rub it vigorously across the surface of your stamp until a light white film is visible. Yes, that is a light layer of your stamp coming off. But it removes the slippery layer on the surface of the stamp too. IT DOES NOT EFFECT the image.
STEP THREE: Very important, clean off the surface of your stamp. Remove the "sand" you have removed from the stamp. Clean it well. Then stamp again. Take a look:
Here is another example: Again it is an unused stamp from Penny Black's Allegro set. I have not used it once. I stamped it with tuxedo black as is. The image is grainy and light.
 I sanded it with my yellow nail file, cleaned the stamp, and stamped it again with the same ink. See the difference? AMAZING! It still makes me cringe to know I am sanding my poor stamp, but I assure the image is not affected. This works on red rubber stamps as well.
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I wanted to share my two cents. I have no idea where I got the idea of sanding my new stamps, but it is better than some of the other crazy tips I have read on the internet to work with new stamps. Try this and leave a comment on what you think! It would make my day!  See you soon.


  1. Yes I have done this and it does work wonders,
    Only last week my sister had a problem with her stamp, and I told her to do this, and she was amazed, at how it helped.

  2. you are right - it does make me cringe, especially as I have just spent twenty five pounds on my set of by the tide stamps...aarrgghh

  3. Anonymous7/03/2013

    Yes, I have done it with both clean and red rubber stamps. I just use my sanding block.

  4. Cindy, I have been using this same technique for years now (I use a fine nail file), and I have not noticed any harm to my stamps. It does make you cringe!

  5. Great tip, thank you!

  6. Thank you !! This is e excellent 😃

  7. Excellent tip, thank you!

  8. Anonymous7/27/2013

    I've used Pink Pearl erasers with good results, also an artist's eraser that is blue and white, with the blue side being somewhat gritty. It's a handy shape for holding.

  9. Oh my word that is incredible! TFS this great tip!
    Helen -- Firenze Cards

  10. What a great idea!. I have just started stamping and card making and I didn't know there was a way to improve the quality. Just assumed you get what you pay for. I will try it on some of my "lesser quality" stamps and see if works as well. Thanks for the tip.

  11. I'm so glad you shared this tip! I'd resigned myself to throwing out the grainy stamps, which is much more cringe worthy than taking a sanding block to them!


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