Featured: Set of Matching Water color Cards

What a beautiful day!
     It is gorgeous outside, summer is here. I am keeping busy this summer with all my current passions. Card making, teaching, playing Skyrim, going to the gym and losing at Texas Hold 'em. Yeah, I am a strange bird. God didn't know what to do when he made me other than scratch his head and ponder.

     I have been looking forward to this weekend. Stampfest is having a conference in Orlando this Saturday and Sunday. I have not spent a penny on any craft supplies in 4 weeks to save up for the day! (big grin)

     I got inspired by Darlene to play with a watercolor set on watercolor paper. I know my creations have no similarity to hers, but the premise of water coloring technique is my inspiration. Take a look.

     I know, I know, I have no sentiment on them. I just couldn't decide on one...or many or ...where to put them. So I left them without one. I just simply couldn't decide. I tied twine around the base of each to give more detail. These pictures don't do them justice. I followed the same technique as Darlene in her video, if you want to watch it, click here.

     I will let you know how the conference goes! I am sure I will have tons of new toys to play with! Enjoy, and see you soon.

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  1. Hi Cindy, I'm sooooo grateful you commented on my *excessively* pink butterfly card for two reasons: 1. you brightened my day and 2. I came here to thank you and WOW!! What a treasure of cards and posts I've discovered! The set here is gorgeous! No need for a sentiment - you've just amped up their versatility! A stamping conference sounds like way too much fun! No opportunities near where I live (Alberta, Canada), so I'll be coming back to see what amazing things you'll share with us as take-aways! I see that you're a tech teacher; I was a high school English teacher, for many, many, many years! So glad to have discovered *you* - more visits on the agenda!!
    PS. Voted for you too, shhhh...


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